Education Outside the Classroom - Management Software for Schools


Following several requests we have now developed a software package to assist in the management of your school's Education Outside The Classroom programme.

The package allows you to manage events – their various details, attached staff, organisations, contractors, students and others, staff and student evaluations, RAMS and/or SAP, a full incident log and many other features.

One of the strengths of the package is that, once you have selected the Risk Level of a particular event, then all of the relevant documents are available for printing from a single screen and many of them (e.g. ‘Approval in Principle’, ‘Event Approval’, ‘Medical lists’ and so on, are already filled in for you using data from the package. The package comes with over forty pre-designed official documents - which you can modify to your own needs as well as the ability to create further documents of your own. The aim of the package is to reduce the paperwork involved and to make record keeping much simpler.

The package also maintains lists of students, staff, contractors and organisations. There is a variety of other utilities available including a search feature, a meeting manager, a record of sent emails, links to preferred websites and more.


EOTC package : $420.00 + GST

Annual License / Support fee - 2013 : $195.00 + GST

A standard charge of $5.11 (incl GST) is made for post and packaging


You can download a document about the package by clicking here

You can download the full package manual by clicking here

For further information please view the screen captures document

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