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Now used in one hundred sites throughout the country including REAPs and the New Zealand Deaf Association Inc


Cost (2013 prices)

Community Education package : $595.00 + GST

Annual License / Support fee : $229.50 + GST


The Community Education package was written in 2003 at the request of Alan White of the Selwyn College Community Education centre.  It is a Windows package written for the PC environment and will run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and subsequent operating systems. (Yes, we do have it running on Vista!) Its development is based on over twenty years programming experience, during which time the author has written many software packages for many thousands of users.

The package is simple in that :

  • All functions are accessed from a central screen. There are no difficult menu trails

  • The data entry screens all follow a standard pattern. Learn one and you've learned them all.

  • There is on-screen help available at every point.

  • There are many pre-designed lists to provide you with the printouts you need.

  • The RS44 returns are generated at the single click of the mouse.

The package is powerful in that :

  • You can design your own lists and documents

  • You can print out rather splendid registers and course title pages

The package includes two levels of accounting sophistication :

  • A simple system is available for those centres where the financial aspects are handled by, e.g. the school office.

  • A more complex system is available for those who manage their own finances and require records of debits, credits, refunds etc.

What they've said about the package :

"Easy to use, easy to follow, ability to use background access files for further reports-one stop shop for booklets as well as enrolments, quick response to problems, ability to add items to the program as it is developed.”

Wendy, Takapuna Grammar School

“Marilyn and I are delighted with the way the program is now working. It has cut out quite a few steps from our old program and so has really streamlined our processing. We're also very pleased with the way you've sorted out any problems and made it work for us the way we want it to. The year has got off to a great start!!”

Vera, Onslow College

"We have used the Worsfold Community Education Enrolment program since its very beginnings.  It is very easy to use and provides all the information we and the MOE require.  When we have made requests for additional features you have responded very quickly indeed. Thank you Rory for your excellent availability and response times.”

Margaret, Feilding High School

“Thanks very much for sorting out the problems I was having with the database on Thursday - fantastic after sales service!”

Adrienne, Mairehau High School




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