Future Indicative - Careers Management Software for Schools


Following requests from many schools via the Star and Gateway training seminars and the Cate Conference we are currently developing a Careers package which will, hopefully, be ready for release for the start of the new year.

The package will be student-based of course and will maintain careers information of all student from year 7 through to year 13.

The basic student details will be able to be extracted from MUSAC or from Kamar in the same way that their information is imported into both Star and gateway.

Their subjects (and associated data) will be recorded for each year at school.

For each year you will be able to record :

  • Their interests
  • Strengths
  • Skills
  • Proposed Goals
  • Achievement record
  • Interview information
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • For the older students you will also be able to record

Electronic programs used

  • Careers exploration questionnaire information
  • Interview information
  • CV information
  • Star courses taken
  • Gateway Programmes taken
  • Future year choices.

The program will be able to generate student-based documents of full and summary information

It will feature a global search utility so that you can easily identify e.g. all those who are interested in Policing or Nursing etc.

The package will feature a full Appointment Schedule so that you can keep track and keep a record of student appointments. This will include an optional alarm system to alert you to upcoming appointments.

There will be links to relevant websites.

There will be a student module via which they can access relevant portions of their own data and, with validated access, modify their own information.

There will also be space for caregivers' and guidance and career peoples' comments.


Future Indicative package : $475.00 + GST

Annual License / Support fee - 2014 : $197.90 + GST

A standard charge of $5.11 (incl GST) is made for post and packaging.


For further information please view the screen captures document

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