Star course management software

Now used in 100 schools throughout the country


Cost (2022 prices)

Star package : $169.00

Annual License / Support fee : $250.00


The STAR management package was written in 2006 at the request of Arthur Sutherland of the Teacher Support Services of the Christchurch College of Education.  It is a Windows package written for the PC environment and will run on Windows 2000, Windows XP and on Macintosh computers (under Terminal Services). Its development is based on over twenty years programming experience, during which time the author has written many software packages for many thousands of users.

This package is designed to make it easy for your school's STAR coordinator to manage STAR courses / students / achievements and Ministry of Education returns. 

The package does NOT require the school to be using a particular SMS (School Management System) but, if MUSAC's Classroom Manager software is being used, then data may be exchanged with that package. A similar process is currently being developed to allow the package to interact with the KAMAR Student Management Systsem. If not then STAR exports the relevant data in the form of a text file which may (providing that your SMS supplier has made the necessary facility available) be imported into your school's system.

The package has the following features :

  • A simple range of menu buttons to find your way around the package.

  • A course specifications screen which allows you to set up your courses, along with the unit standards / certificates involved.

  • The specification of financial details relating to individual courses.

  • The attachment of students to each course.

  • The entry of achievement results for each student, course by course.

  • The global specification of indicative and confirmed incomes for your STAR courses, and the creation of budgets for courses.

  • The printing, in a variety of formats, of course lists and student lists.

  • The printing of Ministry of Education Funding Report forms.

  • An on-line help manual.

  • Utilities which include :

  •             a data-export routine.

  •             a Backup / Restore process

  •             The End-of-Year process

  •             if Classroom Manager is available, a results import routine.

    Version 2 has now been released (January 2013).

    This includes the following additional new features

  • A User-deifned list designer

  • A user-designed document designer and printer
  • An automatic uploader from the website for new versions

  • A full set of training videos
  • and many more features


Cost of the package : $169 + G.S.T. plus $190.00 + G.S.T. per year User Group support



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