Community Education Downloads


There are two downloads available

1.  the latest version of the program file 1.17.1             Last updated 12th April 2017

N.B. This is suitable for existing users only. It is NOT suitable for those wishing to preview the package.

Save the download to e.g. your desktop then unzip it into your \ce directory.

For full instructions for this download process click here.


2.  the Community Education manual        Last updated  28/01/2008

This is the pdf version.


N.B. Two important points apply.

        a)  Prior to running the package you MUST have installed certain system files. These can be obtained :

                - by installing the MUSAC system files from the latest MUSAC User Group CD

                - By contacting Worsfold Software to be sent a CD containing the system files.

You cannot test the package without installing the system files.

        b)  If you are previewing the software prior to purchasing then you will be unable to send any of your
             printed documents to the printer. You WILL be able to enter data relating to tutors, courses and
             students and, should you subsequently purchase the package and have it registered then previously
             entered data will still be available to you.


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